The 3-Step System That Allows You To “Hack” Your Immune Response, Activate “Lean” Genes And Turn On Your Happy Hormones

If you’ve ever felt that you were cursed with bad genetics, can’t seem to lose stubborn body fat, deal with depression or anxiety and you want to ensure your body is always operating at its peak, then you need to read my latest findings.

It’s 1:56 A.M. It has been eight days and I am now down 20lbs.

Have I just discovered the next weight loss breakthrough?

Not quite.

For the past eight days my life has consisted of trying to take sips of water and then having to run to the bathroom.

I can’t eat, drink and have barely slept.

I feel like I’m going to die…literally.

I'm unsure exactly where or how, but I contracted some unknown pathogen that has liquefied my insides for eight straight days.

I've never been more afraid in my life.

If it wasn't for a close friend who's a Doctor I'm sure my outcome would have been much worse.

With a course of antibiotics, some IVs and time, I eventually recovered.

It was during this time that I began to dig into the research. Because, I vowed to do whatever I could to ensure this would never happen again.

What I discovered was much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

The Gut: A Brief Lesson
In Biology

The human body essentially is a highly elaborate tube that starts with the mouth and ends at the rectum. The digestive tract, or gut, is the inside of the tube.

Until very recently this tube has been thought to be pretty straight forward. You put food in one end, nutrients get extracted, and waste comes out the other end.

But there is much more going on and it is literally affecting every aspect of your life. From your health to even your thoughts.  

Our gut acts like our personal nuclear reactor. Taking food and converting into its molecular components we can absorb and use for energy.

It begins at our stomach, then on to the small intestine where through several enzymatic processes food gets broken down and most of the useful nutrients get absorbed.

The remaining material passes the Ileum and dumps into the large intestine, a.k.a the colon.

Most biology classes would teach you that the main job of the colon is to absorb water and ions, temporarily storing waste, but historically it was thought of as nothing more than a reservoir of toxins.

But this is where the plot thickens.

This is the home of your gut microbiome and is responsible for 80% of your immune system.

And here in a moment, I’m going to show you how it could be responsible for excess body fat, food sensitivities and even anxiety.

So, if you’ve ever suffered from bloating, stubborn body fat, skin breakouts, depressions, brain fog or food allergies.

Keep reading.

The Bacteria-Filled Tube
(A.K.A. The Human)

Now, you’ve probably heard how certain bacteria can cause disease or even kill you.

But did you know that within your gut there are roughly 100 TRILLION living bacteria?

They out number human cells 10 to 1.

Scientists have identified 10,000 species of these microbes, each having their own DNA.

And what’s even more shocking is that bacterial genes can tell our own cells what to do.

We are essentially a superorganism: a collective of species, living cohesively alongside each other to survive.

This collective known as the microbiome, is so individually unique you could be identified with near fingerprint level success.

Nearly every single aspect of your health and well-being is related to your microbiome!

And it all started with this…

Russian Biologist’s Shocking Discovery
Rocks The Foundation Of Science & Medicine

We’ve all heard it one time or another. There’s always some Russian or Bulgarian secret that no one anywhere in the world has seen for decades, then, suddenly a random person from America discovers it.

This time it’s different.

Instead of some top-secret training or diet strategy, this is the work of a man who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering phagocytic cells and their role in the human immune system.

It was Russian-born biologist and Nobel laureate Élie Mechnikov who first made the discovery that:

“The proper alteration of the intestinal flora could help battle diseases that had plagued humans for centuries.”

He reasoned that inflammation was merely a cellular response to external invaders.

And that if swallowing “bad” bacteria can make you sick, then swallowing “good” bacteria could make you healthier.

In his quest to improve human immunity, he discovered the true nature of our bodies natural defense system.

Here wrote “With the help of science, man can correct the imperfections of his nature.”

And since then, top scientists from around the world have caught on. In fact, since 2013 there have been many new discoveries that have forced everyone to re-think their approach to optimal health.

How Your Microbiome Keeps You
From Getting Fat & Sick

Imagine for a moment that your body is a factory.

Our organs represent the machinery that keeps production moving; extracting oxygen, filtering blood, removing toxins, synthesizing hormones.

Now some of these tasks are automated, but some require monitoring, maintenance and adjustment.

That’s where the microbiome comes in.

They help us determine what gets absorbed versus excreted and they distinguish between an infection versus harmless bacteria.

These symbiotic organisms have a lot of critical jobs:

  • Convert sugars and fibers to short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) for energy
  • Crowd out pathogens
  • Digest food
  • Help your body absorb nutrients, such as calcium and iron
  • Maintain the integrity of the gut lining
  • Metabolize drugs
  • Modulate genes
  • Neutralize cancer-causing compounds
  • Produce digestive enzymes
  • Synthesize B-complex vitamins (thiamine, folate, pyridoxine)
  • Synthesize fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E & K)
  • Synthesize hormones

But it’s not just digestion. They also tell our immune system how to respond and to what level of attack.

The Gut Wars of 2017

Your gut is in a constant battle. Fighting a war against pathogens, viruses and “bad” bacteria.

And then the modern diet makes matters even worse by flooding the microbiome with undigested particulate that’s like a ticking time bomb.

When these invaders enter the body through the gut and eventually the bloodstream, your immune system goes on the defense.

Ready to fight!

But when the bacteria and undigested food reaches the gut microbiome and into the bloodstream, your defense system can react to false alarms.

Thus, sending your immune system into overdrive and prompting widespread inflammation.

This chronic inflammation creates a cascade effect on the body. From auto-immune disorders, allergies, asthma, cancer and even dementia.

This internal civil-war has effects on our mood, libido, metabolism, immunity and even our perception of the world and the clarity of our thoughts.

‘The New-Frontier of Optimal Human Health’

It’s been dreamed about for decades. Nanobots that can go into the body and fix us from the inside out.

Imagine this nanotechnology detecting changes in our biochemistry, then quickly sending the signal to the rest of the troops to heal and protect us from invaders.

Acting like an army shielding us from the constant gut wars.

These armies of tiny biological robots are not science fiction. It’s through the development of Targeted Digestive Defense that we can create our own biological army, protecting, defending, and enhancing your metabolism.

Even the U.S. Navy has funded a project called "Engineering Probiotics that Improve Warfighter Performance by Maintaining Lean Body Mass and Inhibiting Anxiety."

By manipulating the gut bacteria, we have a big impact on things like depression and anxiety and we might be able to treat some of the most unmanageable human diseases.

Your microbiome is essentially acting like…

A Genetic Switchboard

Ever notice how some people never get sick when everyone else has the flu?

They could have been exposed to the same virus, live in the same house, but still not get sick.

Many diseases that run in families that we thought were primarily genetic, such as heart disease and some forms of cancer, turn out to be hugely influenced by gut bacteria.

In fact, which gut bacteria you end up with may be even more important than which genes you inherit.

Large-scale human microbiome studies are now finding that the genes from the microbiome are instructing essential enzymatic and metabolic processes throughout the body.

Essentially acting like a genetic switchboard. Turning “on” or turning “off” various human genes.

Not only is this mind blowing it’s also opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s beginning to explain why some inherited diseases don’t always affect every family member equally — even if they’re identical twins.

Your Genes Are NOT
Your Destiny

No, your microbiome can’t change your eye color or make you taller.

But what it can do is heavily influence your immune system, inflammation response, cognition and metabolism.

With proper microbiome modulation you can put the odds back in your favor and turn “on” the right genes and turn “off” the bad ones.

These “Fat” Bugs Make It
Impossible To Lose Body Fat

We all know people who eat a lot of food, rarely exercise, and hardly gain a pound, and others who restrict calories, work out all the time, and still struggle with their weight.

There’s a barely understood, but powerful factor that makes some of us put on fat so easily, while it can protect others from hardly gaining a pound.

It all boils down to the F/B ratio, but more on that in a minute.

In a remarkable study conducted at Washington University in St. Louis they took gut bacteria from identical human twins, where one was lean and one was obese.

In order to identify why one twin had no trouble staying lean, while the other became obese they conducted an interesting experiment.

Researchers transferred some of the gut bacteria from the lean human twin into a sterile mouse.

They then transferred some of the gut bacteria from the obese human twin into a different sterile mouse.

The mice were fed the exact same diet, had the same exercise and exact same environment.

Here’s what happened.

Within weeks, in spite of all the variables being the same, the mouse with the “fat” bugs became obese.

And researchers have identified exactly what these “fat” bugs are and how they’re causing you to remain overweight in spite of diet and exercise.

But, that’s just the beginning of the experiment.

In order to determine if the reverse was true. They transplanted some of the “lean” microbiome into the obese mouse.

The now obese mouse slimmed down to their initial weight.

I’ve seen this with clients in the past. They’ve done everything by the book and still couldn’t get the results they so craved.

Usually this is due to some metabolic abnormality or hormonal deficiency, but it also could be due to their microbiome.

The bottom line: If you’re harboring “fat” microbes it will be an uphill battle to have lasting body composition changes.

The F/B Ratio:
The Power of “Fat” vs “Thin” Microbes

So what are “fat” bugs?

There are two prevalent bacteria groups in the human gut microbiome: Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.

What’s been discovered is that the higher the ratio of Firmicutes the higher the inflammation and obesity.

In fact, researchers can now predict with 90% certainty if someone is obese or lean purely from looking at their microbiome. If you compare this to genetic testing, which only has a 60% accuracy, it’s pretty telling how critical it is to get your gut health under control.

What Firmicutes does is help regulate human metabolic genes, meaning they’re actually controlling genes that adversely affect your metabolism.

What researchers have found is that obese individuals have 20% more Firmicutes and 90% less Bacteroidetes.

Is Your Microbiome Making
You Sick, Fat, and Sad?

Have you ever had nervous thoughts, constant worry or just a sense of hopelessness?

I have to admit, I’ve experienced some anxiety and depression here and there throughout my life.

It’s a crippling feeling.

Right now, about 1 in 4 adults are suffering from a mood disorder.

Anxiety effects 40 million Americans and Depression is now the leading disability worldwide.

Numerous studies have found that people with anxiety and depression have high levels of systemic inflammation, an over-reactive stress response and an unhealthy microbiome.

The Feel-Good Superhighway

But how does your gut health improve your mood, fight depression and turn on your happy hormones?

Not only do our gut microbes help to digest and assimilate nutrients. They also determine the availability of essential building blocks for our feel-good hormone, serotonin.

When we have a specific species of bacteria in our microbiome we’ll have increasing levels of tryptophan.

This little molecule is converted directly into serotonin, and could be called the happiness-molecule.

As less tryptophan means less serotonin, and less serotonin means less happiness.

Low blood levels of tryptophan have been linked to depression and anxiety, but what’s even scarier is that populations with lower tryptophan levels have higher rates of suicide.

By having the correct species dominate in our microbiome not only do we increase tryptophan but the microbiome shields it from being destroyed.

And that’s not all that is affected.

The Surprising Truth About Food Allergies

Many people think that allergies or food intolerances is just something you're born with.

And they’re completely wrong.

Food tolerances and allergies are largely caused by an overly sensitive immune response.

This immune response is programmed from the foods we eat…and the undigested particles that make it to the microbiome.

It’s through this process of allowing undigested irritants to enter the large intestine to feed the bad bacteria, trigger inflammation and then over-stimulate the immune system that leads to food allergies.

These irritants can be anything from undigested carbohydrates, gluten, or casein.

This starts a vicious cycle that leads to systemic inflammation, sick mitochondria, and eventually disease.

The Science of Poop And
The Invention Of The Crapsule™

By now you may be wondering, “Kiefer, all this sounds amazing, but how do I change my microbiome?”

Well, one way is that you can go out and find someone who is lean, healthy and happy and see if they’d be a “microbiome” donor. That’s code for “hey bro, can I have some of your poop?” or as doctor’s are calling it fecal transplants.

These fecal transplants are all the rage right now.

In fact, they’ve gone so far as to put sh!t in a capsule. What I like to call a Crapsule™.

And for certain diseases like colitis, the effectiveness is pretty remarkable.

But a word of warning.

Along with the helpful microbes, you also transfer any fungi, viruses, and harmful strains of bacteria.

In fact, there has been some unexpected consequences with these fecal transplants.

Recipients who were previously lean and happy, seemed to inherit any metabolic abnormalities and mood disorders after the transplant.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer a much more targeted approach.

A Revolutionary Targeted Digestive Defense System Designed To Rebuild Your Gut Microbiome, Creating A Shield Of Optimal Human Health

Introducing Gut Shield™

A Radical New Way to Heal Your
Body from the Inside Out

Gut Shield was specifically designed to rebuild the microbiome using a revolutionary three step system.

Step 1: Diffuse

The first step is to shield the large intestine from the onslaught of irritants, you can think of them as “dirty bombs” that unless diffused, will continue to feed the bad bacteria, increase inflammation and ultimately make our mitochondria sick.

Gut Shield contains a proprietary blend of specific enzymes that ensure these irritants are fulling diffused before they reach the large intestine.

This step alone begins to communicate a completely different signal to your gut microbiome and starts the process of reshaping the landscape.

From this process, inflammation goes down, the microbiome no longer feels under attack and can begin to heal.

But this is just the first step.

Step 2: Re-colonize

The next step is to deliver specific bacteria species to re-colonize the microbiome. But you can’t just send in any species. You need a targeted approach with the specific strains of bacteria that’s been proven to survive through the stomach and small intestine that work cohesively together in humans, and have been clinically proven to have the desired health benefits.

We’ve identified 3 strains that act like a Navy Seal unit, giving our existing healthy bacteria the needed re-enforcements to successfully win the Gut War.

Step 3: Shield

The next step is critical, because without it, the bacteria we’ve delivered to the gut won’t be able to survive.

Gut Shield uses a specific type of pre-biotic that can’t be found in any other source, but mother’s milk.

It’s call GOS or galactooligosaccharides and I have to tell you, it took me two years to find a legitimate source of GOS.

In spite of suppliers from around the world claiming to have GOS, out of the 10 we tested, only ONE was real.

This process was so eye opening to me that these suppliers were constantly trying to pass off fructooligosaccharides (FOS) as the much more effective and much more expensive (GOS).

In fact, GOS is about 10 times more effective at colonizing these specific good bacteria.

The 3rd Dimension of
Maximum Athletic Performance

Most supplement companies focus on getting you gains at the cost of over-all health.

At Superhuman, we know that if we focus on over-all health, athletic performance always increases.

For example, by enhancing the central nuclear reactor of the body, the gut, you can then digest and assimilate all your nutrients more efficiently.

And if we can do it in a way that prevents inflammation, we get a downstream effect that’s simply profound.

This lowered inflammation allows for the mitochondria of your cells to begin to heal. Your central nervous system is now offloaded.

Allowing you to process food easier, recover from workouts faster, and just feel bulletproof.

But what’s most shocking is since your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system aren’t being over-activated all the time, your reaction time will go down and power output will go up.

Think about that for a minute.

By focusing on over-all health. You will have faster reflexes, recover faster, and be stronger in the gym.

The UGLY Truth About Probiotics

You can take all the probiotics you want, and still not fix your digestive problems.

Did you know that most probiotics take the “shit against the wall approach”?

When it comes to probiotics it seems the main way they differentiate their product is by adding more and more species of bacteria, or they try to wow you with the thud factor of billions of CFUs.

Here’s the truth.

Not all probiotic species are harmless. Some can actually compromise the immune system even if they’re otherwise benign.

By introducing too many species you can transfer harmful genes and overstimulate the immune system.

That’s why it’s key to take a more targeted approach.

You need to get the right bacteria, in the right amount, with bacteria species known to survive all the way through the extreme acidic environment of the gut. Then, after that, fuel it with a prebiotic that those species are known to thrive on.

And get this, most probiotics on store shelves are one, even two years old by the time you buy them.

Since these big companies produce product in massive batches to cut costs, and then store them in warehouses where they’re further pushed from one middle man to the next.

Not only do these products contain often unproven strains of bacteria that could do more harm than good. The microorganisms they do contain are dead on arrival.

That’s why we keep the Gut Shield batches so small.

Because we grow the bacteria for each batch, encapsulate it, and ensure you get it right away.

If we did what most supplement retailers do, most of the microorganisms would be dead from storing too much inventory for too long.

The bottom line: Dead probiotics don’t and can’t work.

And that’s not all. If you’re not getting enough of the proper prebiotic. It’s like trying to put out a fire with a garden hose.

And all this leads to products that are a complete waste of your time and hard earned money, but most importantly, robbing you from all the amazing health benefits that Gut Shield begins to provide starting in just 30 days.

The Two Year Journey To Bring You Gut Shield

Formulating dietary supplements based on the latest scientific research isn’t easy. Often times there is a lag of two to three years before the same ingredients used in studies are available from reputable sources to replicate the results found in the studies.

For me, Gut Shield wasn’t possible until we could source every enzyme, specific bacteria strain, and real galactooligosaccharides (not the supposed GOS 90% of suppliers are trying to pass off).

After my own experience of trying to rebuild my gut health after the worst bacterial infection of my life and then the toll the antibiotics took, I vowed to find a solution to shield myself from ever having to go through that pain again in my life.

I poured my heart and soul into the research uncovering which enzymes, bacteria strains, and prebiotics that would strengthen the immune system, lower inflammation, protect against food sensitivities and activate “lean” genes.

Simply put, supplementing with Gut Shield is even more important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin. Research has shown that 170 different diseases and health issues, including obesity is directly related to gut health.

Gut Shield is your ally in the constant gut battles that you’re exposed to everyday.

And as you’ve discovered from reading this page, it’s not as simple as just taking a probiotic and that’s why I simply had to develop Gut Shield.

Now before I show you how to get your own supply of Gut Shield, at a BIG discount, I want to make sure you’re fully aware of the true cost to your health. If you don’t act.

When gut imbalances are left unaddressed, it can start with common issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation and even acne. But ultimately leads to extreme daily discomfort, fatigue, weight gain, depression and creates a continual downward health spiral.

Remember, 80% of your immune system is tied to your microbiome. Leaving these imbalances unresolved can lead to a life of frustration, pain and illness.

I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of being sick, feeling run down and having to pass up life’s joys because you just don’t feel up to it. What is it worth to provide that extra layer of defense?

Ok, I Get It… How Much Does Gut Shield Cost?

Well, I’ll tell you — it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it should, considering the immense amount of trouble and expense we went to create it.

You can’t find Gut Shield for any amount in any nutrition store. Nor can you find anything even remotely similar, anywhere. This is a one-of-a-kind 3-Step System.

And think about it for a minute.

What would it be worth to you to:

  • Prevent even ONE illness in the next year. Ensuring you don’t miss work, time with family or continually making progress in the gym.
  • Get rid of the “fat” bugs allowing you to activate the “lean” genes and finally make consistent progress towards your fat loss goals.
  • No longer experience all the big ups and down, allowing you to have a clearer, sharper mind and just feel happier.
  • Process and absorb food with ease without digestive issues, allergies or stomach discomfort.
  • Be shielded from potential invaders such as bad bacteria, harmful viruses or parasites.
  • Help control your body’s inflammatory pathways that literally effect every cell of your body and increase the risk of virtually every disease.
  • Have quicker reaction time, more strength and faster recovery all from having your central nervous system offloaded.
  • And much more

If you had a solution that did just half of what Gut Shield can do, what would it be worth to you?


For me, if I would have had Gut Shield three years ago I’m confident my 8 day near death experience wouldn’t have happened:

The cost of the doctor visits, insurance deductibles, and all the lost productive time from being sick.

Plus, the HUGE step backwards I took with my fitness goals.

The loss of muscle and strength that took months to build…all gone in just a few days.

Preventing just one extra illness per year for me is worth THOUSANDS.

I personally guarantee you’re going to love the powerful 3-Step System I’ve put together.

And it’s not going to cost you $1,000, or $500.

It’s not even going to cost $400 or $300.

In fact, for this initial release of Gut Shield you can get access to Gut Shield for only $99 per kit.

Each kit, comes with a full 30-day supply of this proprietary 3-Step System.

But I want to make you an even better deal. Because you’ve read this far I know you’re committed to your body and your health.

If you order right now, and to ensure you have enough Gut Shield to get maximum benefit.

I’ve put together a special 3-Month Supply for only $83 per kit.

But with that said, this price is only guaranteed until our current inventory runs out. As the price of the premium raw ingredients contained in Gut Shield, is constantly changing.

Supplies Are Extremely Limited

Right now I only have enough in stock for maybe 300 people.

It’s going to be a minimum of two and a half months before we have more in stock, as the bacteria has to be grown, freeze dried, and encapsulated. It takes a minimum of eight weeks just to grow the bacteria.

That’s why I strongly suggest you invest in the 3-Month Supply option.

Once you start taking Gut Shield, you aren’t going to want to go a day without it.

Now if you go to the next page and you see “Sold Out”, I’m sorry but you’ve already missed out.

But make sure you enter your email, as this puts you on our priority notification list.

You will be given the first opportunity to get access to the next batch.

Click the “Add to Cart” button now, and secure your supply.

Remember, healing and protecting your gut is like upgrading that nuclear reactor we call the digestive system.

Imagine feeling more rested, getting better sleep, finally losing the stubborn body fat, feeling more focused, productive and happy.

It’s amazing how great we can feel once our body is processing food the way it was designed to.

Without over taxing our central nervous system or triggering inflammation.

It’s a feeling you have to feel for yourself.

And that’s why I can’t wait to hear your success story. I fully expect to get reports of improvements in the most unexpected areas.

The first thing you’ll definitely notice is how your food digests more efficiently. Within 30 days you’ll begin to notice your metabolism speeds up as your body is finally able to burn that stubborn body fat.

Food that previously plagued you with bloat, indigestion and constipation will suddenly digest fully.

Your mood and mind will feel sharp and clear as the inflammation begins to subside and the happy hormones are amplified.

Skin problems will begin to clear up and every time you look in the mirror it will be as if you’re seeing a happier, healthier version of yourself.

Now I know this all sounds like a pie in the sky dream.

Especially if you’ve suffered with food sensitivities, upset bowels, bloating, allergies or low immune function.

There is no other gut health product on the market engineered to be this effective and we are very proud of it.

The No Crapsule™ Guarantee

Now, I know you’ve worked hard for every penny and you deserve to have your purchase fully protected.

No matter which package you select, you’re totally protected by our no-questions-asked, 60-day money back guarantee. It’s my No Crapsule™ Guarantee.

But remember, it takes 30 days to achieve maximum shielding. Meaning realistically, you need to give it a minimum of 30 days to begin to see results.

That’s why I feel it’s critical you stock up with the 3-Month option, ensuring you never go a day without Gut Shield working to re-build and re-program your microbiome.

Try Gut Shield, totally risk-free, you have nothing to lose. But everything to gain.

I want you to experience all this for yourself and you really have to feel it to believe it.

I hope you will take this opportunity now and get started at a huge savings off the regular price.

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Even if our costs doubles, you’ll still be able to get it at today’s low price.

Don’t hesitate, act now.

I promise you, once you get your system back on track, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Here’s How It Works

Order your Gut Shield System today and give it a try.

I know that every other probiotic on the market claims to solve all your digestive woes with one single capsule.

Gut Shield is not a single capsule solution.

In order to deliver this 3-Step System in the same efficacy used in research, it requires a total of 6 capsules per day.

So if you have a problem taking capsules, this might not be the product for you.

But if you want to make sure you’re shielded from bloating, indigestion, constipation, and all the other devastating symptoms that come from an unhealthy microbiome. Then give Gut Shield a try.

Within a week you’ll begin to feel it working as you notice you’re processing food much easier. At 30 days you’ll begin to experience the many benefits, but once it starts - each week gets better and better and better.

Give it two months in fact… and if, by the end of those two months, you aren’t thrilled to death with the results, simple send back the kits and we’ll immediately send you a refund of your purchase price. No questions asked, and no hard feelings.

That means you risk nothing by giving it a try. And you stand everything to gain…


That’s all there is to it.

I’m so excited to get Gut Shield into as many hands as I can before our supplies run out.

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The Results Are In

Paige Gueringer

”I suffer from severe inflammation due to 12 genetic mutations. (Just diagnosed a couple years ago, 44 yrs old) I have done everything to get the inflammation under control...turmeric, anti-inflammatory smoothies, curcumin creams, and so much more. So when I read your article about Gut Shield...the science made a lot of sense to me and I purchased from the first batch. I had previously read your white paper on the Thyroid and immediately purchased T3. Been taking that for a couple years now.

I am very happy to tell you that the Gut Shield has made a few significant impacts:

My gut inflammation has dramatically reduced!! I can feel the difference and my stomach looks less bloated. This is a big deal for me because at times my bowels would be so inflamed I could even feel it around my spine. Very uncomfortable. (I am gluten free, low carb, soy free, MSG free) Gut Shield is the first product to give me relief!!!”

Michael DeWitt

”This past 18 months has been a struggle for me, being an active duty military member of 22 years I found out that I had re-developed the bone spurs in my right heal and re-tore my right achilles...Gut shield has helped me maintain my weight throughout my last surgery and has given me some motivation to believe that I can get lean much faster once I have gotten strong enough to make it through an entire workout. I am looking forward to my retirement from the military in two weeks and my future employment where I need to wear suits and business attire. I want to get healthy as quick as possible so that my attire fits my attitude not drowns it.”

Eric Osterhues

”I have been taking Gut Shield for three months and wanted to share some of the positive benefits I have noticed. For perspective, I am a 44-year old male. I lift three days a week, do interval training three days a week, and have used CNS and CBL protocols. I am in a profession that requires I maintain a high level of fitness. After about the first month of using Gut Shield, I noticed several positive benefits. Most notably, I have increased energy that lasts throughout the day, and I find it easier to fall asleep and get quality sleep every night. This could be largely due to having far less indigestion and no acid reflux, both of which could wake me up a few times a night. I feel more focused at work and in the gym, even during the recent holiday season when there were many diversions that could have distracted me from my goals. With regard to weight loss/management, I have not tried to drop weight or lose fat since I started Gut Shield, but I have noticed a marked decrease in cravings for high-glycemic foods -- something that can undo me when I am using a CNS protocol. I just started a new CNS cycle, so I will be interested to see how Gut Shield can contribute to the results I have previously achieved. My wife and I have both noticed an improvement in my skin complexion. In sum, guys my age who work out and need to stay fit are always looking for legitimate and safe supplements to achieve their goals. From what I have experienced in the past three months, you have hit the mark with Gut Shield. Thanks and keep up cutting-edge research and development.”

Anne Orr

”I drove 20 hours from NY to MN the week before Christmas and was then in many public places and hotels, all of which seemed to be filled with people wheezing and coughing. I then drove 16 hours RT from NY to RI and spent Christmas week surrounded by children and adults with nasty, drippy-nose colds and what appeared to be lots of stomach flu or food poisoning. I came through the whole two weeks without so much as a sniffle. This has never happened to me before. I ALWAYS get the Christmas cold when I venture out into homes of sick relatives, especially children. Christmas Eve, day and New Year's Eve were each in different homes and I am now, a week out, still healthy and strong! And I have not had a flu shot.

Next challenge is I have a colonoscopy in 3 days. I am depending on Gut Shield to help repopulate my gut once they have cleared it out and looked around in there. I don't know how I'll know this has happened, but I have faith in the three boxes in my fridge right now.

Thanks for working on this product.”

Abbe Ball

”When I first read about Gut Shield, I immediately knew I had wanted to purchase. I had been bulking for the last few months and knew the research behind the "good" and "bad" gut bacteria and thought this would help ease the transition between a surplus of carbs back down to a Carb Nite level.

I began taking while I was still in a bulk; within the first week, I no longer craved carbs. I am now almost done with three months of Gut Shield and a month into cutting; I have had zero issues switching from high carb to ultra low carb to Carb Nite, due to Gut Shield. It has allowed me to easily stick my my macros, I have no cravings for carbs, there is no crazy backlash after I do have any carbs to want more, and my body just feels healthier.

This is a product I recommend for ANYONE; dieting or not dieting, Gut Shield will improve the health and well being of everyone.”

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer

”Thank you for investing the time and research into Gut Shield. I have been struggling with autoimmune issues (hashimotos) for the last 4 years. My doctors put me on meds but my TSH levels were increasing over the first couple of years. I started doing my own research and discovered that it was likely my gut health that was causing the issues. I tried digestive enzymes and probiotics with some relief but not consistent. Since taking Gut Shield, I have had more consistent Bowel Movements and feel extremely better. I have not noticed much in the way of weight loss yet but I don't have the bloating, lack of energy and lack of focus I was having prior and the only change I made was stopping the other supplements and adding Gut Shield.

Thank you for your commitment to health and fitness.”

Mindy Milosch

”I have taken probiotics before, and never really noticed any results. Your extensive research and the high quality of your product made me want to give this one a try. After a couple weeks of taking Gut Shield consistently, I found that I seem to have more energy in the afternoons, when before I would really just like to take a nap. When eating, I notice that I do a better job of realizing that I'm full and not cleaning my plate just because the food is there. I feel like my hunger/satiety signals are now coming in clearer. I take the supplements at night before I go to bed, and have made it a routine so I don’t forget. These are changes I don’t want to lose!

Thanks for making a high quality and well researched supplement!”

Russ Ronchi

”I've taken countless products for gut health over the years, and I can honestly say I've never been able to tell a difference one way or another. For me the real test is to start taking a product, and if after a while I were to stop taking it if I don't notice a difference the product really isn't doing much for me. With Gut Shield I know it works. How? I had been taking Gut Shield for a little over a month and then had to travel for 10 days on business. Due to it being in my fridge I didn't even think to pack any for my trip. By the second day on my trip I could notice a huge difference. Massive gas, pain, etc. Especially when traveling you're eating out all the time. I was really uncomfortable. Upon returning home I starting back on Gut Shield and in 48 hours I was back to feeling great. That was all the proof I need. I just signed up for the automatic subscription on Gut Shield I'm such a believer!”

Jason Remington

”I was just taking my Gut Shield when you sent this email to me. It's been three months since I started taking Gut Shield and I absolutely love it. I never feel bloated and I feel like I've been dropping weight very easily. This might be TMI, but I also feel like I'm going to the bathroom more normally since I had trouble getting enough fiber in my diet. I feel great on it and have already recommended people to your research as well as your product. I'm also a huge fan of T3 Fuel, and Carb Shock. Keep up the great work!! You're making a huge difference in the way we view what ‘healthy’ really means.”

James Schmidt

”I absolutely love this product and it's safe to say it's been life-changing. I'm an aspiring comedian who was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 9. It is my goal to bring clever, healthier comedy to audiences. I weight train avidly, take carb shock and T3 fuel, and backload my carbs. This product is truly amazing and if I had to pick one out of what Superhuman has produced, it would be this one.”

Joey Agostino

”I'm 27, and go to the gym 4 days a week and train mma 3 times a week. I've been taking the gut shield for 3 months now and the biggest changes I have noticed are with my allergies and my bowel movements.

As an asthma sufferer, when the changes of season comes I usually get terrible allergies that last days. But since taking gut shield my allergies have almost completely stopped. It's fantastic.

All in all I think it's a fantastic product that I will continue to use every day.”

Ronald Gesualdo

”I've had stomach and digestive issues since I was a teenager. Over the years I've tried all types of diets and supplements with limited results, nothing that made any lasting or real difference. Removing carbs from my diet did solve my issues temporarily, until I went back to eating ‘normal.’ After receiving Gut Shield I began to see great digestive improvements after the first 4 days. Since then things have gotten gradually better and better and I'm now at a point where everything is regular and consistent. I no longer have to adjust my schedule after a night out or a carb nite.”

Ramon Doria

”After using this products for almost three months I felt like I'm at my utmost optimal performance not only physically but mentally as well. Before taking this product, my energy level at around 2pm is almost depleted. I battled with brain fog almost everyday. Although I workout 5x a week (I used carbshock on heavy days) my recovery phase wasn't where I want my activity level to be. After about 45 days on this products I felt like a switch bottom suddenly turned on. My energy level soared, and my mental clarity was noticeable. I added some yoga practice during the last 6 weeks 5x a week and my recovery phase from all the physical demands has greatly improved. Thanks for all your hardwork. I'm a happy camper.”

Damon Amato

”I've struggled with digestion and overall health for a while and run the gamut on supplements. I've been taking Gut Shield since it came out and have greatly improved my digestion and my energy level has significantly increased. This is after trying many other probiotics and prebiotics on the market that did nothing for me. I will be taking Gut Shield as long as it is available and looking forward to even more improvements.”

Phillip Kelman

”Gut Shield definitely "kept things moving", keeping me regular whether I was on carbs or on CarbNite (currently). Even after being in CarbNite over a month, it continue to keep me regular when I am used to processes slowing down. Definitely worth the auto-renewal.”

Jenny O'Connor

”My husband ordered gut shield for me three months ago. He thought it might help with my anxiety and stomach issues ie heartburn and nausea. Since taking Gut shield I noticed a definite change in my moods. I feel happier and have less mood swings. In terms of my stomach, I have had reduced nausea and heartburn. I still have some heartburn but am hoping that might change with continued use of gut shield. The best part is I feel that my anxiety level has been reduced. I have suffered with/from anxiety for 20 years. This makes me so happy!

Thanks for this great product!”

Keaton Patterson

”Within days of first taking Gut Shield, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my digestion, feelings of satiety, and overall resilience no matter the food I consumed. It's helped me become more regular, and I no longer feel terribly bloated after certain meals. Just recently, I went on vacation where I did not have access to Gut Shield. Even after 6 days of not taking Gut Shield, I noticed a drastic decrease in my overall gut and digestive strength. I felt bloated, irregular, and sluggish. Since having access to Gut Shield, my digestion has picked up right where it left off. My gut is now resilient, strong, and shielded in the way it should be. I couldn't recommended Gut Shield more, and I will continue to take it no matter what.”

Jeff Blanton

”Thank you for the opportunity to comment on using Gut Shield. Since using the product I have had a noticeable decrease in waist size and the foods which used to make me feel bloated and full seem to be more easily digested. My energy after a meal also seems more consistent and weight loss and maintaining weight is easier. Thank you again for the product.”


Can I just go out and buy these ingredients to replicate Gut Shield?

You can sure try.

But to come even remotely close to the complete digestive support contained in Gut Shield you would need three different products (enzymes, probiotic, and prebiotic).

Now that’s assuming you could find products with the same ingredients, with the same proven quality, and the efficacy proven in research.

Remember, I tested 10 different suppliers, just to find a real source for GOS.

9 of those suppliers tried to pass off FOS as GOS.

The enzymes used in Gut Shield took years to leap from the pages of research to where they were available from a quality source.

But for sake of argument, let’s assume you could find comparable products.

It would easily cost $150 to $200 per month to replicate what’s inside Gut Shield.

And still you wouldn’t be assured those products haven’t been on the shelf for years, or that they don’t include bacteria strains that could send your immune system into overdrive.

Why so many capsules?

In order to create a true system that will create real changes to the microbiome, it required a lot more bulk of material than what can fit in one capsule.

If a product claims to be able to have the same benefits as Gut Shield with one small capsule per day, I’d say their claims are dubious.

Do I need to keep taking Gut Shield?

The Gut Wars aren’t going to end just from taking Gut Shield for 30 days, this is really a long term commitment to your health.

We’re constantly being bombarded with gut invaders that if not shielded against will result in the microbiome returning to its previous state.

What’s inside Gut Shield?

Gut Shield contains three key components (enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics)

Proprietary Enzyme Blend: It was these specific enzymes that took so many years to finally acquire. Clinically proven to break down irritants, like gluten before it reaches the large intestine. Essentially diffusing the bomb before it goes off.

Plus, these specific enzymes have been shown to cleave proline and glutamine rich peptides which reduces toxicity significantly and prevents an unnecessary immune response.

These enzymes also increase the bioavailability of protein, by fully breaking it down into the amino acids that can be fully digested, absorbed and ultimately assimilated into new tissue.

All of this leads to lower inflammation, faster recovery and ultimately more gains in the gym.

Probiotic All Stars: These specific probiotic species are not only heat and acid resistant they have been shown to work wonders re-balancing the microbiome.

These three specific species will strengthen the gut lining, fortify the immune system and protect against food allergens.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: This highly effective strain works by adhering to the walls of the gut, where it then creates a protective barrier (a shield), blocking enemy bacteria from breaching the walls of the intestines. But what the effects show in studies have been far reaching from mood health to hormone modulation.

This one species has been show to counteract weight gain, positively affect blood sugar, and reduces a myriad of gut issues.

Bifidobacterium Longum: Described as the single most significant type of “good” bacteria to inhabit the human body. It’s the ultimate species to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, while it normalizes the digestive tract with good bacteria.

Some of the other noteworthy benefits include bowel regulation, alleviation of lactose intolerance symptoms, and cancer prevention.

Lactobacillus Helveticus: This specific species is able to help prevent gastrointestinal infections, enhance protection against pathogens, modulate immune responses, and positively change the composition of the gut microbiome. In multiple studies it’s been shown to enhance the metabolism, increases the bioavailability of nutrients, all while removing allergens and other undesired molecules from the digestive tract.

Plus, when taken for over a 30-day period it has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, while improving mood.

Research has shown them to:

  • ‍Reduce inflammation and over-stimulation of the immune system
  • ‍Increasing the supply of tryptophan – the happy molecule
  • ‍Enhance the absorption of minerals (especially magnesium and calcium)
  • ‍Dramatically change the F/B ratio activating “lean” genes
  • Shield and defend the integrity of lining of the gut

Prebiotic: After an exhaustive search we found a verified source and included the most powerful supporting nutrients to fuel the growth of these specific probiotic species.

Gut Shield’s pre-biotic has been show to:

  • ‍Provide essential nourishment for the good bacteria allowing you to target the growth of the specific helpful species, allowing you to essentially “hack” the microbiome.
  • ‍Perfectly match to the 3 proven probiotic species allowing you to finally win the Gut Wars and create a bulletproof immune response.
  • Shield against pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella. Dramatically lowering your risk of food poisoning.

That’s why we know we’ve developed the most advanced complete digestive formula, anywhere.

Because we’ve used the finest ingredients from verified sources, along with the true scientific dose.

Even more, Gut Shield delivers exactly what the label states, live microorganisms directly to the gut microbiome, acting like SEAL Team 6, as it provides your gut with expert re-enforcements.